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Business Travel

David has undertaken business travel to many countries (Asia, Europe, South Africa, North America) over many years. He understands business needs and the objectives of business travel. He can help you achieve value adding travel so that you can grow your business. Stop wasting precious money on business travel that feeds egos!

Business Travel consists of several distinct approaches.

1. As a business owner, with retail experience, David understands the supply chain for developing a great business. Attending Trade Fairs is a great way to keep abreast of the latest offerings in your market. We can arrange travel and accommodation for your business needs. While you are on business, why not have a look around. Discover new places and friends! For businesses in the home-wares, gifts, jewellery or fashion, attending Trade Fairs in Asia (China, Hong Kong, and India) may give you an advantage. There are of course European, American and African Trade Fairs from time to time. Contacts us below for any assistance.

 Click here to learn about SE Asia Trade Fairs

2. Study tours and attending conferences are a great way to learn how to do things differently. If you have a need, please contact us for study tours group bookings. We will do our best.

3. Many larger business grow their revenues by international business development approaches. Davids’s expertise in business development allows him to tailor travel to meet your organisations objectives. Complete the request below for all other Business Development Travel. Let’s discuss what you are trying to achieve with your Business. We will work together to determine how travel can add to the value that you are looking for. Include Group Travel requests to conferences, seminars and client engagement meetings.

4. Other specialist business travel. Talk to us about your needs so that we can create business travel that adds value to your business.

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