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Travel Tips

Have you ever tried to get through the challenges of researching, booking and preparing to travel. It can be a nightmare, for some and for others it is a breeze. Here are travel tips for people who a simply interested in traveling and want to get some insider information. Information is sent regularly and you have the option of opting out at any time – hence there is nothing to lose.

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The travel tips will cover topics like:

  • traveling to specific countries – focussing on European countries, Asia, South Africa and North America ,
  • planning travel – what you need to do, from researching, booking and preparing to go,
  • humour – there are many fun stories in the travel world. It is ok to have a laugh,
  • some deals – from time to time we have access to unique tours and special deals. We will let you know,
  • etiquette – there are many ways to get to know people in different cultures. We will give tips to make this happen,
  • safety – many places in the world do not have the safety standards that we do. We will provide information to help you travel safely to unusual places,
  • what to take – we are often asked, about the climate and what to wear. We will provide information on these matters,
  • cruising – the most relaxed way to take a holiday. Unpack once and pack when you are done. There are some quirky things about cruising. We will share them with you, and
  • other useful information to discerning travellers.

For more specific information, please email and we aim to respond promptly. However, please be patient as at times we are touring to unique, exciting and fun places in order to better understand travel.